Wednesday Nights at 7 p.m

is a place to Connect- with God, with friends, and with new faces. We believe in creating an atmosphere for teens where they feel they can come as they are, be original, and an individual; but, also, be a part of something bigger and greater.

 is a place to Hear- We believe that the church should embrace those who are in need of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing... We feel this is the purpose for which God created us.

is a place to Grow- We believe that each one of us are going one of two directions in our walk with God: backwards or forwards. We refuse to allow secular knowledge to overshadow our knowledge of God and His Word. 

          is a place to find Salvation- We believe that God's plan for us is plainly unveiled in His Word, and that our ultimate purpose in life is to seek that plan and obey it; thus, sealing our eternity with Him.

Sunday Mornings 

Young Adult Connection Class Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m. for 18-25 year olds. Provides lessons related to age relevant topics.

Hyphen seeks to connect 18-30 year olds To Service…With Purpose… Through Resources…For a Mission. This group meets outside of church for game nights and other events.